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9 Best CPC/PPC ad network for publishers

     Every other blogger start blogging to make money online but with time blogging becomes passion for them. In this post I am gonna tell you how to earn from PPC network (pay per click) or CPC network (cost per click). 

     This post is for top and best high paying CPC/PPC ad networks or simply you can say this post is  top Adsense alternatives. As a publisher you need high paying ad network so that you can earn good sum of money from your blog. I have selected some pay per click ad networks that are suitable for both India and united state's traffic  

1. Media Net

best ppc /cpc ad networks from usa and india
     To compete with Google, Yahoo and Bing both came together and made their search engine a perfect rival for google. As we know in terms of marketing google have Adsense for publishers to promote AdWord's ad which is highly paying network in this world. That's why yahoo and bing started paying  ad network for publishers which is known as

      They both launched this ad network after combining all of their resources and efforts to make it best Adsense alternative.  With you can track your real-time ad performance and earnings. 

     Country wise reports, page rpm, ctr etc all in a single dashboard. You can customize your ads, their looks, sizes, colors and type. You can block advertisers and ad categories. Everything you can do with google Adsense is possible to do in but we all know getting Adsense account is very tough. have no requirement for publishers account although they will give you 2500 credits for registration.

Alexa rank :

Global Rank
Rank in India

2. Adversal

     Adversal is a great, not only great but best alternative for every PPC ad network because of its highly paying ads with good CTR rate. They provide rich banners which increases ctr and gives you more money per click. 

    This network is good for those peoples who want a perfect replacement of Adsense or Chitika ad network. It supports more languages than chitika and adsense. Getting account approve is easy and fast but you need at least 50000 page views per month to get a account. 

     After that your earnings will be more than Adsense in less than 1 month. You can get payouts with cheque or PayPal whichever is best suited. 

Alexa rank :

Global rank

Rank in India

3. Superlinks

      Superlinks is the only ad program which have potential to completely replace Adsense and it is best known for Indian market. They have text and image ads, footer ads, banners and lot more to give you perfect ad placement. The minimum payout is 100$  via PayPal, Payoneer or Wire transfer.

     But the problem is you need 100000 monthly visitors to get accepted in their network. If you have high bounce rate or exit rate then Superlinks will give you high amount of money by showing ads.

Alexa rank :

Global Rank
Rank in India

4. Bidvertiser

     Bidvertiser is also one of the fastest growing ad network  and gaining popularity among publishers. So, do not worry if your Adsense account is banned for illegal or fake activities like click frauds etc. 

     If you have a website then you can join but the condition is that your site should not contains adult contents and drugs related items. You can't join if your site is under construction or you have already other ads on your website.

     However the review of this site give quick impression of how fast the approval process is and one of the reason for approval is that there is no requirement of minimum website traffic. Adding CPC/PPC ads to web page is very easy with the help of html ad codes.

      The payout is clicks are not high but you can still earn descent money with the help of conversions also. Conversions are purchases done by a users who click on your ads. The dashboard is not good as good of above sites and there is less details available for clicks and conversions.

Alexa rank :

Global rank
Rank in Indonesia

5. InfoLinks Ads

     Infolinks ads are good for text rich blogs because they sell text based ads which depends on keywords of your website/blog. In-text links have good CPC and high CTR rates. That's why if your blog have high quality contents then you can definitely earn a lot from infolinks.

     You can use keyword tag cloud feature of infolinks for relevant ads on your site. They don't need banners and spaces on your sites which mean you can use adsense banners with infolinks text ads also.

      Approval is very easy and only few sites got disapproval from them. The payout is minimum $50 via PayPal or wire transfer. 

Alexa rank :

Global rank
Rank in United States

6. Clicksor Ads

     Clicksor ads network is best alternative to both text based networks and image based networks. It is best and most popular network for both publishers and advertisers. They have several ad formats like text ads, contextual ads, banner ads etc.

      It offers less cpc from other networks but due to high conversion rates you can earn more money than others. Clicksor offers referral system in which you will earn 10% money of your referral's earnings. 

     Account approval is fast as compared to others. Minimum Payout is $50 through cheque or PayPal.

Alexa rank :

Global rank
Rank in India

7. Buysellads is perfect place to sell ad spaces on your website. Once you have good traffic with quality you can signup to buysellads and sell your ad space on your website. 

     Buysellads will give you direct contact of advertisers and give you 75% of revenue shares. You can get payment twice a month through PayPal or cheque.

Alexa rank :

Global rank
Rank in India

8. Affinity Ads

     It supports in-text ads, ads cloud and search ads with less CPC compared to others. However it is growing network and surely increase CPC rates in future. Minimum payout is 40$ through PayPal and wire transfer.

Alexa rank :

Global rank
Rank in India

9. Click Booth

  Click booth offers 4 type of ads which are CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC ad types. It is growing industry and provides in-text ads and banner ads. It provides good tracking reports and dashboard.

     There is no minimum requirement to get approval and once you earn 50$ you can redeem your money through PayPal or cheque.

Alexa rank :

Global rank
Rank in United States

Conclusion :

     These were the reviews of 9 best PPC ad networks for publishers for both India and United States. You can also see Alexa rank after each review on this page, which will give you idea about traffic that site is getting. 

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask below.


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