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Build high pagerank do follow backlinks

    If you are new in blogging field and tired in building high pagerank dofollow backlinks but still didn't get any for your site, then try commenting on below blogs of high pagerank which are do-follow websites.

    Do follow backlinks will definitely increase your search presence because  more sites pointing to your sites means you have quality contents and this is the factor on which search engine rank your page in searches.

      These backlinks tells the search engines to pass link juice to the pointed site or you can say they tells the search engines to follow that link.

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Dofollow vs nofollow

    Dofollow means the link will give you importance while a nofollow link tells the search engines not to give importance to the given link. So it will always better to get do follow backlinks.

  Benefits of Dofollow link

    Do follow backlinks helps in improving google PageRank if they are quality backlinks. If you are newbie, don't create only do follow backlinks, it will mark as unnatural and you will get punished by google. So, in order to get a Good PageRank you must build dofollow backlink with some no follow links.
  • Increase PageRank
  • Rank contents higher in search results
  • Gives authority and respect to blogs.
  • High PageRank attract more advertisers hence gives you more PPC.
In this way you can get 100+ dofollow backlinks easily.

Here are some websites that will give you high quality Free do follow backlinks Site List

  1. – PR4, 
  2. – PR7, 
  3. – PR6,
  4. – PR3
  5. – PR6, 
  6. – PR8,
  7. d – PR6, 
  8. – PR2, 
  9. – PR3, 
  10. – PR7,   
  11. – PR5, 
  12. – PR4, 
  13. – PR5, 
  14. – PR7, 
  15. – PR7,
  16. Evood.vom – PR2, 
  17. – PR, filtered content, 
  18. – PR4, 
  19. – PR2, 
  20. – PR7, 
  21. – PR7, 
  22. – PR6, 
  23. – PR8, 
  24. – PR4, 
  25. – PR3, 
  26. – PR4, 
  27. – PR5, 
  28. – PR6, 
  29. – PR5, 
  30. – PR6, 
  31. – PR5, 
  32. – PR6, 
  33. – PR5, 
  34. – PR6,
  35. – PR5, 
  36. – PR8,  
  37. – PR8, 
  38. – PR5, 
  39. – PR6, 
  40. – PR3, 
  41. – PR4, 
  42. – PR5, 
  43. – – PR6, 
  44. – PR8, 
  45. – PR5, 
  46. – PR4, 
  47. – PR4, 
  48. – PR6,
  49. – PR6, 
  50. – PR8, 
  51. – PR7, filtered content
  52. – PR5, 
  53. – PR7, filtered content and just english
  54. – PR3, 
  55. – PR8,
  56. – PR8,
  57. – PR6, 
  58. – PR2, 
  59. – PR3, 
  60. – PR7, 
  61. – PR4, 
  62. – PR6, 
  63. – PR9,
  64. – PR4, 
  65. – PR,3 

Updated: September  2020

      Hello friends thanks for your love. Here, I am giving you some more sites for creating do follow backlinks.

     Here is the List of 9 high pagerank dofollow forums for high quality organic traffic.



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