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Animated Recent Post Widget for Blogger

     Today we are here with blogging tips and tricks. I will discuss how to add recent post widget for blogger blog with the help of html/javascript. To do this customization you should have knowledge of adding html gadgets in bloggers layout feature.       Follow the steps below and get your featured widget of your own choice. Your new published post with some details will come exactly on the place where you add below HTML and JavaScript code. Here we provide 2 type of codes one is for only post title and next one is for post title with some details about post. Its your choice of implementing right code for your blog.     The two form of codes are given below and only one of them is needed to add on html gadget. Code 1 : Recent Posts Widget with post details <div id="hlrpsa"> <script src="http://"> </script> <script> var numposts = 5 ;var showpostdate =false;var showpostsummar