Bulk Url Opener Tool

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Bulk Url Opener Tool

This is the only tool that support both single url opening facility as well as bulk url opening facility. 

you have to put urls in the below textbox and then hit Open URLs and all of your urls will start opening in new tabs . 

Please bookmark this tool for instant access of this tool .

This url opener is best in the world  . 


Note:  Please note opening huge amount of links at the same time can make your browser slow which depends on your CPU speed .

FAQ Section : 

Open as many urls you want . There is no limit on Url Opener . :
url opener download free : url opener software free download :
There is no need to download this tool . this tool is web based so its also portable and helps you in doing seo for free :

Url opener productivity tool :

Url opener free:

 This is free tool . visit this page and start opening links without paying anything to us .

Url opner tool : 

 This is a url opening tool that also opens links in bulk . Copy Paste the links and click on open urls .

Url opener blogspot : 

This tool is on blogger i.e on blogspot platform . you can use it for free .

Url opener google chrome : 

This tool can be used with google chrome .

Url opener chrome : 

 open links directly from your mozilla and firefox Browsers.

Multiple Urlopener: 

 it is also known as multiple url opener . bulk url and multiple url opener tools are same .

Multiple url opener web tool : yes this tool is bulk opener and web based also .

multiple url opener script : sorry  but we can't provide this script to you.

Open multiple url at once:

Now open multiple url in single/single click with my free tool .

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